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28-pin ZIF socket

Adafruit 382 - 28-pin ZIF socket

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382 - 28-pin ZIF socket


A ZIF (Zero Insertion Force Socket) allows you to insert and remove chips easily from an existing circuits. These are often used for chip programmers or when you need to test a chip without damaging it. Move the lever up and chips drop right in. Move the lever down to latch the chip in place.

This socket is designed for DIP chips of up to 28 pins and 0.3" wide. Whats nice about it is it can snap into an existing circuit board or socket that is designed for the chip so you may not have to redesign the board! For example, we snapped it into an Arduino socket, which would allow you to change chips out.

Note Arduino not included.


  • Fits up to 28-pin DIP chips, in 0.3" width
  • Overall body size: 0.6" x 2" x 0.43" (15mm x 50mm x 11mm) - not including lever or pins
  • Pins are 0.3" apart (fit into a 0.3" socket) and 3.6mm (0.15") long