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Expansion board for Romi Chassis - Black chassis

Expansion board that allows you to add more levels to the Romi Chassis robot. Pololu 3560

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Expansion board that allows you to add more levels for the Romi Chassis chassis . Provides additional space for mounting additional components and sensors on the Romi Chassis chassis . Numerous mounting holes and slots covering the plate are identically arranged as in Romi's base. The expansion plate is a semi-circle with the same diameter as the base plate and can be installed on the front or rear half of the Romi Chassis chassis using the appropriate spacers.

Two expansion boards can be combined to create a full-size expansion platform, and the use of more expansion boards allows the construction of a multi-level platform.

The set does not contain fixing or spacer elements. You must buy them separately.


  • Intended for use with the Romi Chassis coach
  • Material: ABS
  • Black colour
  • Weight: 25 g