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ZL7AVR - moduł DIP z mikrokontrolerem AVR ATmega128 View larger


Mini-module with ATmega128 microcontroller

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Mini-module with ATmega128 microcontroller

ZL7AVR is an easy to use versatile mini-module based on Atmels ATmega128 microcontroller (AVR enhanced RISC architecture). In ZL7AVR module all ports and signals of the microcontroller are available on two-row pin connectors with 0.1’ pitch (pin headers). In addition, we offer prototype board ZL8AVR.

PCB and SCH libraries for Protel 99/DXP/2004 (ZIP - 22kB)

Key features:

  • ATmega128 microcontroller (high speed RISC CPU with 128kBytes FLASH program memory, 4kBytes SRAM, 4kBytes EEPROM)
  • 2x32 connectors with pitch 0.1' (2.54 mm) for connecting user-designed base-board or ZL8AVR prototype base board
  • 16MHz resonator
  • 10-pin ISP programming connector allows to attach any programmer compatible with STK200 (eg. ZL2PRG) with bus multiplexer
  • Reset/power fail detector (DS1813)
  • 53 I/O lines
  • PCB and SCH libs for Protel 99/DXP/2004 are available
  • Supply voltage: 5VDC
  • Dimensions: 43mm x 43mm x 20mm

Standard equipment:

  • Assembled ZL7AVR board with ATmega128


Manufacturer: Kamami