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BleBox ShutterBox 2.0

ShutterBox is a device designed to wireless control of electric roller shutters, awnings, screens, etc. by using smartphones and tablets, from any place in the World. It has also powerful time control future, which allows you for example open the blinds on sunrise and close it on sunset

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Protect your home and your family with a roller shutters. Close it with a tap of your finger when leaving home or going sleep. Shutterbox allows you to close in a few seconds blinds throughout the house or office. No need to remember to close all the blinds before leaving home. We can do it from the car or from work. It's possible to open, close and view the status of each blinds from any place without the need to go to each room, through our Smartphone or tablet. This device works with virtually every engine blind, awning, electric pool cover, rollers doors and projection screens.



  • close or open all shutters with one finger tap
  • do it from wherever you want – without additional devices
  • smart positioning system - check state of your roller shutter
  • automatically open your blinds on sunrise, close on sunset

electrical parameters

  • supply voltage: 230V AC
  • energy consumption: < 1W

control output

  • number of output control: 2
  • type of output control devices: relay, push-pull, NO
  • maximum load: 5A

pushbutton inputs

  • number of inputs: 2
  • input type: logical, push button, short circuited to L, configurable

physical characteristics of the device

  • dimensions: 40 x 48 x 20mm
  • protection level: IP20
  • housing: made of polyurethane composition not containing halogens, Self-extinguishing for Thermal class B (130°C)
  • mounting method: in the flush-mounted box (deepen or double) in the roller shutters case, etc.

characteristics of the communication

  • communication standard: μWiFi, compatible with WiFi
  • frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • transmission type: bi-directional, encrypted
  • API: open
  • mode: direct connection (as Access Point), Wi-Fi connection via a standard router, connection with access from any location in the world (requires only access to the Internet)
  • compatible devices: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, iPad Mini, Android, Windows Phone, computers and mobile devices operating a fully HTML5, soon Apple Watch