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Network tool case w. network tools and tester Lanberg

Universal set of tools for building a LAN network. z21860

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Lanberg’s universal network tool case is intended as an inseparable element of work of every network installer, whose daily routine includes managing, adjustment and preparation of telecommunication and ICT cables.

Every single network tool which a part of this set is, can be stored inside of Lanberg’s convenient tool case, provided with this product bundle. The multi-functional tools itself are very compact and relatively small, making them very flexible in terms of their use and storage – especially in places with very limited, available space.

Lanberg’s networking tool set NT-0301 consists of:

- Insertion tool for LSA connections, also known as punch tool for Krone IDC 110 connectors
- Stripping tool for network and telephone cables such as: UTP, FTP, SFTP LAN cables, coaxial etc.
- Crimping tool: intended for cables 8p (RJ-45 - 8P8C).
- Cable tester intended for RJ-45, RJ-12, RJ-11, coaxial connectors.
- Cable tester for RJ-45, RJ-12, RJ-11 connectors, with cable pair identifier.
- Tool Case.