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OpenLog Artemis - data logger for Qwiic modules

Data logger pre-programmed to automatically record data from IMU, GPS and Qwiic series sensors. SparkFun DEV-16832

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Data logger that is pre-programmed to automatically record data from IMU, GPS, serial data and various pressure, humidity and distance sensors. OpenLog Artemis automatically detects, configures and registers Qwiic sensors. After the module is turned on, all incoming serial data is automatically saved in the file with the baud rate up to 921600bps. OpenLog Artemis also allows analog data logging via four ADC inputs. Voltages up to 2 V can be recorded with 14-bit precision, up to 1900 Hz for one channel and 1000 Hz for all four channels. Additionally, thanks to the built-in clock, all data can be marked with the login time.

The OpenLog Artemis module is based on the Apollo3 microcontroller from Cortex-M4F. The board also has a 9-axis IMU ICM-20948. The data is logged on a microSD card inserted directly into the slot located on the board. The module is also equipped with a socket and a LiPo battery charger. The recorder software is being modified and improved. Updating the system software is easy via the dedicated GUI Artemis Firmware Upload application.

The list of supported modules can be found on the product's website.


  • Artemis Module (Cortex-M4F based Apollo3 microcontroller)
    • Configurable via CH340E and Artemis Firmware Upload GUI
  • Operating voltage range
    • 3.3V to 6.5V (via VIN with optional external power switch)
      • 5V with USB (via 5V or USB type C)
      • 3.6V to 4.2V with LiPo battery (via VBATT or 2-pin JST-PH)
        • Built-in MCP73831 single cell LiPo charger
        • Minimum 450mA charge rate
      • 3.3V (via 3V3)
  • Current consumption
    • ~20mA (Run)
    • ~80µA (Sleep)
    • ~18µA (Deep Sleep - regulator shut down)
  • Ports
    • 1x USB type C
    • 1x LiPo battery enabled
    • 1x Qwiic enabled I2C with power control
    • 1x SWD 2x5 header
    • 4x Analog-to-digital
      • 14-bit, up to 1900Hz, 2V max (3.3V compatible)
    • Serial
      • Logging speeds up to 500000bps
    • 1x microSD socket
      • Support for FAT32 and older FAT16 formats up to 32GB with power control
  • RTC with 1mAhr battery backup
  • 9-axis IMU logging up to 250Hz
    • ICM-20948 via SPI interface
  • LEDs
    • Power
    • LiPo charge indicator
    • Serial Tx and Rx
    • Status