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LoRa Radio Bonnet - LoRa 433MHz module with OLED display for Raspberry Pi

HAT module with RFM95W 433 MHz system for LoRa / LoRaWAN communication and OLED display, designed for Raspberry Pi minicomputers. Adafruit 4075

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Module with the RFM95W system for LoRa/LoRaWAN communication and an OLED display, designed for Raspberry Pi minicomputers. It allows you to add wireless connectivity to the RPi, which allows you to transfer data over much greater distances (approx. 2 km) than WiFi or Bluetooth. The system operates at ISM 433 MHz, and there is a u.FL connector on the board that allows you to connect an external antenna. The module is equipped with an OLED display with a resolution of 128x32 px and 3 buttons, thanks to which the user can easily create a simple interface without the need to connect additional elements. The manufacturer offers extensive support in the form of a Python library. Full documentation with examples is available on the product page.


  • Uses the unlicensed ISM band 433 MHz
  • U.FL connector for connecting an external antenna
  • Module based on SX1276 LoRa® with SPI interface
  • Gain from +5 to +20 dBm
  • Output power up to 100 mW
  • Current consumption up to 100 mA during transmission +20 dBm (30 mA during listening)
  • Range approx. 2 km, depending on obstacles, frequency, antenna and output power
  • Maximum range up to 20 km with a directional antenna and appropriate external conditions
  • 128x32 px OLED display
  • 3 user buttons
  • Dimensions: 65.2 x 30.6 x 9 mm