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Nowe Ślady Pitagorasa. Książka o matematyce (e-book)

Bogdan Miś

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Author: Bogdan Miś

ISBN 978-83-60233-75-7
Format: PDF, B5, 144 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper version 2011

About the book

The book is a collection of mathematical curiosities. There are also anecdotes and stories about mathematicians.
The choice of topics and the way of development marked by friendly didactics make the book interesting for readers with varying degrees of mathematical preparation: from pupils, students to professionals professionally involved in mathematics education.

A fragment of the book:

"(...) One of the most charming and full of sense of humor Polish mathematicians was Professor Roman Sikorski, he had an amazing distance to himself, I remember, for example, how once he went to his lecture on the theory of the function of real variable, he said to the group waiting for students: - Gentlemen, give me a break with this lecture, go better for a coffee: today I will be terribly bored ... Well Sikorski (called by student - with his full consent - Ramon, or the Leader Male Mathematicians) is attributed the following deep theorem : Through every three points of the Euclidean plane it is possible to lead straight, as long as it is wide enough ... "