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LOGO! w praktyce (e-book)

Wojciech Nowakowski

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Author: Wojciech Nowakowski

ISBN: 83-60233-12-8
Format: PDF, B5, 229 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw - paper edition 2006

About the book

The book contains information about the structure, parameters, operation and programming of miniature logic controllers from the LOGO! Series. The application possibilities of additional hardware modules included in the LOGO family are also presented. (input-output modules, network interfaces, GSM communication modules, power supplies, etc.) and tools and software to create applications for these drivers. An important part of the book, especially for practitioners, is the complete, detailed description of the LOGO! They were chosen in such a way as to show the most important functional and practical features of LOGO !. Particularly noteworthy are the designs of electronic devices cooperating with LOGO! (including the LOGO! programming interface from a PC) and additions that approximate the practical aspects of using encoders, inductive and reed switches, as well as LOGO! with GSM modules.

The book is intended for fans of automation, electronics dealing in "small" automation, as well as for students of the faculties of automation and electronics of technical universities.