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Python to start! Programming for teenagers View larger

Python to start! Programming for teenagers

Python to start! Programming for teenagers; Michał Wiszniewski

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ISBN: 978-83-283-2902-7
Release date: 2017-04-18
Format: 158x235
Pages: 104


Start with the scripts and finish at the top!

  • First steps, or where to start the adventure with Python
  • Necessary gadgets, or what to build programs in Python
  • Wandering through styles, or how to program structurally, objectively and functionally

Have you ever wondered why there are so many programming languages in the world and how do they differ from each other? Which of these languages is worth learning? Certainly at least a few, but you can not omit Python on your shortlist! This language has two powerful advantages: first, it is much easier to learn and more intuitive than even C or C ++, and secondly, it allows scripts, or functional programs that are useful to all programmers, network administrators and many others. people. Python is also a fantastic tool for creating complex projects. Anyway, you can find out about it quickly.

In this book, you'll find an overview of all the most important features and capabilities of Python. You'll see how to work in a language environment, how to use variables, conditional statements, functions, and data types. You will see in which situations it is worth using loops and modules, how to perform file operations and how to handle exceptions. Check what structural programming is useful for, and object-oriented programming, and see how easy it is to combine them in Python! In short, before you look, you'll start to write advanced scripts yourself. Check, program and have fun!

  • The first program, or how I became a programmer
  • Variables are necessary ... and character variables even more
  • Entry operations - give the script any information
  • Conditional instructions - the beginning of real programming
  • Features - this is it!
  • Range of variables and a bit more about conditional instructions - you have to be careful
  • Loops - how to make your life easier
  • Advanced data types - it only sounds dangerous!
  • File operations - finally an interesting chapter!
  • Modules - they are great!
  • Exceptions - errors in Python
  • Objects, classes and methods - that is, object-oriented programming

Enchant the serpent, or program in Python!