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Język C++: mechanizmy, wzorce, biblioteki (e-book)

C ++ language: mechanisms, patterns, libraries; Robert Nowak, Andrzej Pajak

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Authors: Robert Nowak, Andrzej Pajak

ISBN: 978-83-60233-66-5
Format: PDF, B5, 392 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition 2010

About the book

The book describes how to correctly solve common problems that arise when creating software. These methods, called design patterns, extend the set of accessories provided by the programming language that we can use. Knowledge of patterns does not mean programming skills, but a good programmer should be aware of their existence in order to avoid re-discovering known solutions. Knowledge about the presented techniques allows for better communication in the team, because you can communicate at a higher level of abstraction.
The book is intended for people who have previously had contact with C ++ programming and language. It contains a description of the mechanisms provided by this language, but they are based on the knowledge of basic concepts. The first chapter can be treated as a reminder and completion of the C ++ message.