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Transformations of signals - from theory to practice

Andrzej Dobrowolski

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Author: Andrzej Dobrowolski

ISBN: 978-83-64702-15-0
Format: B5, 316 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo 2018

About the book

The book describes the most popular signal transformations. They are used not only to generate distinctive features, but - perhaps even more often - to present the signal in an alternative, more convenient from the point of view of specific applications, characters. Certainly, the most popular representation of signals after the temporal form is the frequency domain representation determined by the Fourier transform, referred to as the spectrum or signal spectrum. Its evolutionary development is wavelet transformation. The book allows you to look at these transformations from many different sides and shows how you can use their results.

The monograph is intended for students, PhD students, engineers and academics of technical universities as well as for anyone interested in building and expanding knowledge in the field of signal processing.

Award in the TECHNICUS competition (2019)

The book by Andrzej Dobrowolski entitled "Transformations of signals - from theory to practice" was awarded in the category "The Best Book Spreading Technical Knowledge" at the TECHNICUS competition (edition 2019). The competition is organized annually by the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations NOT. Prizes and distinctions were awarded in two categories: "The Best Book Spreading Technical Knowledge" and "The Best Technical Guide".

Opinions about the book

The monograph is devoted to the problems of signal processing in the theoretical approach and discussion of selected practical applications, the solutions of which use the previously presented theoretical elements. The author introduces the reader in a consistent and expert manner to the difficult theoretical problems of advanced processing of both analog and discrete signals. The manner of presenting the issues is orderly and transparent. This applies to all chapters, even the most advanced mathematical ones, for example, wavelet transform or SVM network learning algorithms. Mathematical relations are richly illustrated graphically using various types of drawings, diagrams and graphs that facilitate the perception of more difficult elements of the theory.

Professor dr hab. Eng. Stanisław Osowski

The system of monographs has undeniable didactic values. Above all, it guides the reader through selected basic stages of acquiring, transforming and interpreting the signal. The presentation is interesting, which keeps the reader focused and what is important - justified in the context of the examples. The author has avoided the vague, typical for mathematical monographs, the statement: "Let for any a ...", after which the reader reviews the argument without realizing his purpose. In addition, it is commendable (and imitation) to present different approaches leading to the same goal (eg discrete wavelet transformation implemented with the Mallata algorithm, discretization of continuous wavelets or FIR filters). This shows to the reader that even different assumptions of the initial concepts lead to a joint conclusion, but also that the engineer implementing the transformations has many choices depending on the specific needs. The message that the author succeeds in passing is: "signal processing requires mastering some mathematical knowledge, but the invested effort is compensated with a vengeance by interesting and extensive applications". This idea is also innovative compared to numerous previous books on signal processing.

Professor dr hab. Eng. Piotr Augustyniak

About the author

Professor dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Dobrowolski is the dean of the Faculty of Electronics at the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers with the status of Senior Member and member of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers as well as an expert of the National Science Center and the Polish Accreditation Committee. During his previous didactic activity, he completed over 8,000 hours of didactic classes, lecturing, among others from Computational and simulation techniques, Measurements
and biosignal analysis, Biometric signal processing and Analogue systems . His scientific interests focus on the digital processing of biomedical signals and the identification of people based on the biometric features of the speech signal. He is the author and co-author of over 200 articles and scientific papers as well as textbooks and academic scripts.