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AVT2628 / 1 B


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Producer: AVT

A system for charging small acid-lead (gel) batteries. The structure has a number of very valuable features, rarely found in other chargers. First of all, it prevents the battery from overcharging. When it is 'full', the charging current is automatically reduced.
The current charger can be Easily adapted to the capacity of the battery. If the 230 V power supply fails during the charging process, the device will not discharge the battery. Kit is not afraid? wrong connection; the wrong polarity as well as shorting of the clamp in the output chargers do not cause damage to electronics.
The charger can be full role? Buffer power supply that provides continuous power to any electronic device

The device is particularly recommended for users of rechargeable batteries and constructors of alarm systems

Selected parameters of the charger:

  • Charge the 12 V battery
  • capacity ?? battery - 1-30 Ah
  • signaling of the process of loading - two-color LED
  • voice signaling with bad polarity
  • power supply - 11-13 VAC (the transformer power should be at least 50% higher than the power obtained from the 15-volt amps and the 15 V voltage - detail in the manual)
  • in the set printed circuit board, complete element and documentation
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    EdW 1/03