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m3pi Expansion Kit - Pololu 3pi robot expansion kit

Kit to expand the Pololu 3pi robot to Pololu m3pi with a mbed socket board. Includes non-soldered PCB as well as necessary connectors and components for self-assembly. Pololu 2152

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Kit enabling the expansion of Pololu 3pi robot to Pololu m3pi with a PCB with mbed sockets. It allows the robot to expand with the use of a 32-bit LPC1768 microcontroller in the form of a mbed NXP LPC1768 development board and Xbee and Wixel communication modules.

The kit includes a non-soldered PCB and the necessary connectors and components for self-assembly.

Kit contains

  • PCB
  • Goldpin connector set
  • USB connector
  • ISP socket
  • Cable
  • 3 x Button
  • 3 x Jumper
  • 4 x Distance with screw