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Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle

Signal analysis kit including the Analog Discovery 2, Analog Discovery BNC adapter, BNC probes and necessary accessories. Digilent 240-123

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Analog Discovery 2 Pro Bundle is an signal analysis kit containing the Analog Discovery 2 adapter, Analog Discovery BNC adapter, BNC probes and necessary accessories. It allows you to verify and test a wide range of projects using Analog Discovery 2. By adding a BNC adapter and BNC probes, you can access a full 30 MHz oscilloscope and a 12 MHz wave generator.

Digilent Analog Discovery 2 is a personal computer adapter transforming it into a universal multifunctional instrument for measuring, visualizing, generating and recording signals in an electronic workshop. Free WaveForms 2015 software is available for Analog Discovery 2 (versions for Mac, Linux, Windows).

Video presentation of the Analog Discovery 2 adapter


  • 2-oscilloscope (1MΩ, ±25V, differential input, 14-bit, 100MS/s, 30MHz band using the Analog Discovery BNC Adapter)
  • 2-channel arbitrary generator (±5V, 14-bit, 100MS/s, 12MHz band using the Analog Discovery BNC Adapter)
  • Stereo audio amplifier allowing connection of headphones or loudspeakers (duplicate signal from arbitrary generator)
  • 16-channel logic analyzer (3.3V CMOS, 100MS/s, inputs tolerate voltage levels in accordance with 1.8V and 5V standards)
  • 16-channel digital waveform generator (3.3V CMOS, 100MS/s)
  • 16 virtual digital I/Os (for simulating buttons, switches, LEDs) - a convenient tool for learning and testing digital applications
  • 2 input/output trigger signals to connect other laboratory instruments (3.3V CMOS)
  • Voltmeter (AC, DC, ±25V)
  • Possibility of determining frequency characteristics (Bode, Nyquist, Nichols) for the range from 1 Hz to 10MHz (Network analyzer)
  • Spectrum Analyzer - measurements include noise floor, SFDR, SNR, THD
  • Digital interface analyzer (SPI, I²C, UART, parallel)
  • Two configurable power sources for external devices (0 ~ +5V, 0 ~ -5V). The maximum power of powered devices depends on the manner of supplying Analog Discovery 2:
    • Maximum 250 mW/source or 500 mW for one of the sources when powered from the computer USB port
    • max. 700 mA or 2.1 W for each source when an external power supply with adequate power is used

Kit contains

  • BNC Adapter Board for the Analog Discovery
  • BNC Oscillosope x1/x10 Probes (Pair)
  • Mini Grabber Test Clips (6 pack)
  • Analog Discovery 2 and the following:
    • One regular sized project box (without sticker sheet)
    • One USB A to micro B programming cable
    • One 2x15 flywire signal cable assembly
    • One 5-pack of 6-pin male headers
    • One ferrite cable snap-on