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Synchronized Stereo Camera HAT - camera expansion board for Raspberry Pi

An extension module to support two cameras designed for Raspberry Pi minicomputers. The board allows you to connect two cameras via CSI connectors to one connector of the minicomputer. ArduCAM B0195

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An extension module to support two cameras designed for Raspberry Pi minicomputers. The board allows you to connect two cameras via MIPI connectors to one MIPI connector of a minicomputer. It supports the Raspistill and Raspivid commands with the default driver for 5MP and 8MP cameras and cameras up to 16MP with a dedicated driver. Thanks to a common oscillator and I2C transmission, both cameras are fully synchronized. The module significantly expands the capabilities of Raspberry Pi in the area of camera support. It will be used for projects that use stereo vision, 360 cameras or advanced surveillance systems.

The set does not include the Raspberry Pi minicomputer, camera or FFC/FPC cables. They must be bought separately.

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  • Support all series Raspberry Pi boards, Pi HAT board style (Raspberry Pi 4 model BRaspberry Pi 3 model B+Raspberry Pi 3 model B etc.)
  • Two MIPI camera inputs and one MIPI camera output
  • Support 1, 2 and 4 lane MIPI cameras (input up-to 800Mbps/lane)
  • Support Raspistill (preview) and Raspivid (processing) commands for default driver 5MP/8MP pi cameras with half-resolution combine
  • Support Arducam RPI cameras up to 16MP with proprietary camera driver with full resolution combine
  • Support camera side-by-side combine, channel 0 and channel 1 software switching on the fly
  • Support digital pan in half resolution combine, programmable pan speed control
  • Board size: 65 x 56 mm
  • Weight: 16 g