Data compression (e-book)
  • Data compression (e-book)
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Artur Przelaskowski

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Author: Artur Przelaskowski

ISBN: 83-60233-05-5
Format: PDF, B5, 258 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw - paper edition 2005

About the book

A book dedicated to issues related to lossless data compression. The book has a logical and clear layout and contains many examples along with solutions, thanks to which it also has the features of an advanced academic textbook.

The book is addressed to students of IT majors and to those interested in the problem of lossless compression.

"(...) Prof. Przelaskowski's book (...) goes to the needs of a specific group of recipients - and it is a significant group.The book is superbly built from the perspective of presenting the problems under consideration, that is, the entire lecture is very carefully thought out, exhaustive accurate and accessible even for completely unprepared readers, especially the latter is a valuable and very rare advantage (...) The author of the reviewed book shows in a comprehensible and popular (although at the same time precise and precise) why data compression (especially images) ) is so important (...) The reviewed book is not only a textbook (very good!), but also has the hallmarks of a scientific monograph, because the author puts in it some results that are the result of his own scientific concepts and original research works (...) After reading this monograph, the reader will have a fairly complete overview of the gifts The book is written extremely competently and matter-of-factly, each problem is first formulated in a proper way, then subjected to discussion, and finally well summarized in the sense of specific and clearly stated conclusions. (...) "

prof. dr hab. Ryszard Tadeusiewicz

Dr hab. Eng. In October 2006, Artur Przelaskowski received the individual prize of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for the book "Compression of data".


Software Developer's Journal No. 4/2006

Rating: 4+

Today, in the information age, we are flooded with data on every area of human life. The fast pace of life makes a person look for various ways to save every moment. There are, therefore, questions how to quantify, better understand the meaning, choose, process, classify and compare information? From the technical side, it requires the construction of special systems, algorithms and tools for digital representation of information, preferably in an economical way that facilitates analysis, storage and transmission. And here comes the need for data compression, the purpose of which is to obtain the optimal way to represent information. The book "Compression of data" is entirely devoted to issues related to lossless data compression, specifically image compression.The recipients of the book are students of computer science and everyone interested in the problem of lossless image compression .In seven chapters the author describes theoretical issues in a logical and transparent way. coding basics, Huffman coding, arithmetic and dictionary compression algorithms Separate chapters are devoted to predictive methods of coding and reviewing selected methods of lossless image compression.The book is written matter-of-fact - each problem is first presented in the right way, then discussed, and finally summarized in In addition, the book's great advantages are well-chosen examples along with the solution and a thorough edition - the book has a hard cover. In addition to the undoubted advantages of the book and it also has disadvantages: the main is a fairly high price - PLN 51 for 258 pages, but it is a bit too much, despite a very careful release and very good content. Another drawback is the lack of an index, irreplaceable when trying to find specific issues and places too "scientific" language.

Reviewed: Artur Mościcki

Review posted in the NetWorld magazine No. 02/2007

Data compression aims to reduce the size of the sets. It is used where it is about reducing the overload of data transmission lines, speeding up the delivery of information and improving the archiving of data. The book introduces data compression issues, from theoretical coding basics, to explaining what the Hoffman coding is based on, the concept of arithmetic coding and dictionary coding, the introduction to effective compression in the aspect of pre-transformation methods and the presentation of lossless compression methods. The book is addressed to people who want to explore the basics of data compression theory, as well as those dealing with the practical implementation of compression methods.

Piotr Kociatkiewicz

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