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VoIP telephony. Multimedia IP networks

Marek Bromirski

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Author: Marek Bromirski

ISBN: 83-60233-07-1
Format: B5, 255 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw 2006

About the book

Monograph devoted to the H.323 system, which is the basis of modern telecommunications multimedia networks, including VoIP telephony. The author has prepared a comprehensive description of issues related to this system, based on relevant standards and recommendations. The result is that the reader receives a reliable compendium of knowledge about the construction, operation and configuration of modern multimedia networks. The big advantage of the book is large - which is not very common in technical literature - the author's fiction skills. Thanks to them, highly formalized descriptions of complex technical issues are easy to acquire and, in some cases, entertain, while providing the reader with reliable information. The book is recommended as a textbook for students of the faculties of electronics, telecommunications and computer science, as well as people dealing with telecommunications professionally.

About the author

Dr inż. Marek Bromirski is the author of programs and lecturer at the Warsaw Polytechnic and post-graduate studies at the Institute of Telecommunications, he also conducts courses and trainings on various topics in the field of telecommunications. He is the author of over 80 papers and presentations at scientific conferences in Poland and abroad. Member of the Program Board of the IFIP Workshop on Performance Modeling and Evaluation of ATM & IP Networks.

NetWorld No. 11/06
The book is a well-written compendium of knowledge about contemporary multimedia networks. The author discusses in detail the standards and recommendations underlying the construction of these networks. Particular attention is paid to recommendation H.323 together with the current list of extensions and cooperation description of the components of this recommendation (Q.931, H.245 and RTP / RTCP). It focuses on the basic SIP protocol for modern telecommunications, discusses its properties, operating principles and various versions of implementation. He considers the problems of cooperation of networks implementing the philosophy H.323 and SIP. He draws attention to security issues in terms of confidentiality and integrity. Analyzes projects ensuring security in a wider scope than recommendations H.323 and SIP. He talks about the components and functions of firewalls and techniques for transferring multimedia information through firewalls of various types. Piotr Kociatkiewicz

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