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Korad KA6005D - laboratory power supply 0-60V 5A View larger

Korad KD6005D - laboratory power supply 0-60V 5A

Laboratory power supply with programmable memory and smooth voltage regulation in the range from 0 to 60V and smooth current regulation in the range from 0-5A. KORAD KD6005D

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Data sheet

Output voltage0 - 60 V
Output current5A
Number of channels1

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The KD6005D is a stabilized laboratory power supply with smooth voltage regulation in the range from 0 to 60 V and smooth current regulation in the range from 0-5 A

  • builtin overload protection
  • The only power supply with full current regulation, not its limits
  • The power supply has an accuracy of current indications up to 3 decimal places
  • The power supply construction based on a transformer

The PSU can operate in the following modes: C.V. - constant output voltage and C.C. constant load current. With the possibility of OCP protection (overload protection).

The KD6005D is cooled by a fan that works non-stop, and its speed is dependent on the load.

The KD6005D power supply is used:

  • in industrial institutes
  • in research institutes
  • as laboratory equipment
  • in the electronics industry
  • on electronic services
  • in education and training
  • in hobbyist workshops
  • wherever precise power supply is required

The PSU is distinguished by large, precise LED displays that provide current information on current voltage and load.

Setting the voltage and current in a very convenient way using 2 potentiometers.


  • High-precision, precise power supply with high performance and high performance
  • Readable digital LED displays
  • Built-in fan
  • Overload protection
  • High accuracy and measurement resolution at the level of 10mV / 1mA which gives a very high place in this class of devices
  • Low Noise
  • Operation in CV (voltage mode) or CC (output current mode) mode
  • Buttons to lock and unlock changing parameter settings, preventing accidental change of settings.
  • Information with a sound signal
  • Voltage range: 0-60 V
  • Current range: 0-5 A
  • Load regulation
    • Voltage: = <0.01% +2 mV
    • Current: = <0.1% +10 mA
  • Parameter setting accuracy
    • Voltage: 10 mV
    • Currents: 1 mA
  • Settings accuracy
    • Voltage 0.5% +20 mV
    • Currents 0.5% +10 mA
  • Output voltage pulsating
    • Voltage: = <1 mVrms
    • Current: = <3 mArms
  • Response time
    • Voltage rise: = <100mS (10% rated load)
    • Voltage drop: = <100mS (10% rated load)
  • Dimensions: 110x155x285 mm


  •     Laboratory power supply KD6005D
  •     Cables for the power supply
  •     Manual user instructions