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Pololu 1242 - ShiftBar

3-channel constant current LED driver module, RoHS

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Pololu 1242 - ShiftBar
3-channel constant current LED driver module, RoHS

The ShiftBar is a 3-channel constant current LED driver module by macetech based on the Allegro A6281. This is a carrier board that is similar to the ShiftBrite, but designed for controlling external RGB LED modules, such as the ultra-bright Satellite Module 001. Using just three digital output pins and a simple protocol, your microcontroller can control a long chain of ShiftBars. Each ShiftBar in the chain can be independently changed to any of the 1,073,741,824 possible colors to create dynamic displays and decorations.


  • Supplies 10 mA to 150 mA per LED channel.
  • On-board potentiometer for current control.
  • Input voltage range from 5 V to 17 V, with no separate logic supply required.
  • Overtemperature shutdown protects the LED driver from overheating.
  • Adjustable current for each color channel lets you correct for slight differences in brightness.

The ShiftBar can also be used with the lower-power 003 and 004 satellite modules, though if you want to control more than one, we recommend you use the OctoBrite, which can control up to eight of these satellite modules.


  • ShiftBar Board Module