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Graficzne wyświetlacze LCD w przykładach (e-book)

Tomasz Jabłoński

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Author: Tomasz Jabłoński
ISBN: 978-83-60233-28-3
Format: PDF, B5, 136 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper version 2008

About the book

Fast decreasing prices of graphic LCD displays cause that designers of electronic devices are using them more and more often in an increasing number of applications. In contrast to alphanumeric LCD displays, where the HD44780 (Hitachi / Renesas) system is the world standard, there are unfortunately many mutually incompatible "standards" in graphic displays. The most common graphic drivers in our country bear the designations: T6963, SPLC501C, ST7036, SSD1303, NJU6450, PCD8544 and S1D15G14. We dedicate this book to the presentation of their service.
All examples presented in the book are written in C language, thanks to which they can be implemented relatively easily in almost any microprocessor system. Modern microcontrollers with an ARM core from the LPC2000 family were selected as a test platform for the examples. All examples were compiled in the Keil uVision runtime environment, working with the free ARM-GCC compiler.

The book is intended for all lovers of microprocessor technology who intend to use graphic LCD displays in their projects. Many of the information contained in the book may be useful to students of electronics, automation and IT departments at technical universities.