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Linux. Podstawy i aplikacje dla systemów embedded (e-book)

Łukasz Skalski

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Author: Łukasz Skalski
ISBN: 978-83-60233-85-6
Format: PDF, B5, 168 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo - paper edition 2012

About the book

The book is a complete guide discussing the basic and key issues of using the Linux operating system in embedded systems built on the basis of processors with ARM cores. The material contained in the book has been divided into stages, enabling quick and easy start of work with single board computers, both novice readers (basics of Linux work, the legitimacy of its use in embedded systems and basic issues related to the hardware layer), and more advanced (hardware and software support for GPIO, I2C, 1-Wire and RS-232).
The book is intended for students and technical university students, electronics-constructors, IT specialists who want to start working with embedded systems and all lovers of microprocessor technology who intend to use in their projects the latest microprocessors operating under the control of the Linux operating system.

Review posted in the magazine NetWorld No. 7-8 / 2012

The book presents the basics of using single board computers based on processors with the ARM core. Introducing the subject, the author explains what software and hardware tools should be used and how to configure them. Describes how to prepare a complete system for embedded devices. Advises how to prepare the system for handling GPIO ports, how to write in C-language applications that communicate with hardware, from simple button operation and relay control, to more complex solutions, regarding communication interfaces, among them 1-wire, I2C and RS-232 . It teaches how to use the opkg manager and, on the example of a web server and Bluetooth connectivity, ready-made software packages. The book is a great guide for electronic people starting their adventure with single board computers. The reader is not required to know microcontrollers or the Linux system, while knowledge of the C language is desirable.

Piotr Kociatkiewicz