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Tensometric beam with a maximum load of 1 kg

Aluminum extensometer beam, allowing measurement of weight up to 1 kilogram. It has four wires. It is used in kitchen scales and portable scales.

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Aluminum strainer beam, mounted on screws (not included), screwed in with threaded holes. The beam allows you to measure weight up to 1 kilogram. It has four wires.

The importance of wire colors

  • red ("+" DC boost power)
  • black ("-" DC boost power)
  • white ("+" output signal)
  • green ("-" output signal)


  • Weight measurement up to 1 kg
  • Supply voltage: recommended 5-12 V DC, maximum: 15 V DC
  • Input resistance: 1115 Ω
  • Output resistance: variable (no load: 1000 Ω)
  • Cable length: 25 cm
  • Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 80 mm