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Introduction to computer science not only for IT specialists

Jerzy Mieścicki

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Author: Jerzy Mieścicki

ISBN: 978-83-60233-94-8
Format: B5, 480 pages
BTC publishing house
Legionowo 2013

About the book

The book is intended for readers who, having no special mathematical preparation and messages going beyond the average school knowledge, want to know the concepts and ideas that constitute the foundation of modern computer science.
The first chapters present the most important properties of algorithms, algorithmic methods, differences between analog and digital calculations and methods of digital signal processing. In the following chapters, the Reader is acquainted with the Turing machine, mathematical linguistics and finite automata. The author also discusses the construction and operation of digital devices, ranging from operations on binary data through Boolean algebra and principles of designing digital components, up to the architecture of modern computers and interoperability of hardware with software.

The book is intended for amateurs who want to be conscious users of IT equipment, for students of computer science and related fields, as well as for IT professionals who want to get to know and understand the roots of the field in which they specialize.

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