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Drones. Introduction

You Audronis

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Original title: Building Multicopter Video Drones
Translation: Ireneusz Jakóbik
ISBN: 978-83-283-0474-1
Release date: 2015-04-14
Format: 170x230

Brilliant aerial shots for you!

Aerial shots, amazing panoramas, breathtaking frames from a high ceiling - all you can do without a huge budget! Multikopters have revolutionized contemporary film art. Instead of renting a helicopter for a few hours, invest the same resources in a professional multikopter and shoot from a bird's eye view as much as you like!

Reach for this book and discover what makes the multicopter fly, how to safely pilot it and what security precautions to keep while working. Do you hesitate between buying a ready platform and building your own from scratch? Learn the most important advantages and disadvantages of both solutions. From the following chapters you will learn what components to choose, how to assemble the drone and learn how to pilot it. From the basics you will go to familiarize yourself with the techniques of flight with the camera and see how to prepare the recorded material for assembly. This book is an excellent reading for all those who want to start the adventure with shooting movies from the drone deck.

Thanks to this book:

  • You will choose a platform tailored to your needs
  • you will build a drone and master the controls
  • you will learn the safety rules during the flight
  • you will prepare breathtaking frames from a bird's eye view

A guide for future multikopter pilots!

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