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Nexys A7 Artix 50T FPGA Xilinx - EDU
  • Nexys A7 Artix 50T FPGA Xilinx - EDU
  • Nexys A7 Artix 50T FPGA Xilinx - EDU (top view)
  • Nexys A7 Artix 50T FPGA Xilinx - EDU (bottom view)
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FPGA Evaluation Kit based on the XC7A50T-1CSG324C chip from the Artix-7 FPGA Xilinx family. Nexys works with Xilinx ISE and Vivado software.   Equipped with numerous interfaces and sensors allows you to develop projects without attaching additional elements to the set. Digilent 410-292-1

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The Nexys A7 evaluation kit is a platform for designing digital circuits, based on the latest programmable Artix-7 ™ gate array (FPGA) from Xilinx. Thanks to the large capacitive FPGA matrix, external memory and numerous interfaces like USB, Ethernet and other ports, the Nexys A7 can handle projects from pre-combining systems to advanced embedded processors. Several built-in peripherals, including an accelerometer, temperature sensor, MEMS digital microphone, loudspeaker amplifier and several I / O devices, allow you to create a wide range of projects without the need for other components.

Nexys Video is compatible with both the ISE and Vivado tool libraries. It is supported in the free versions of these two WebPACK ™ tools, which means that projects can be implemented at no additional cost. The free version of the Vivado even includes the ability to create MicroBlaze ™ microprocessor designs.


  • FPGA Artix-7
    • 8450 programmable logic gates, each of which contains four 6-input LUTs and 8 latches
    • 600 kB high speed RAM
    • Five clock management systems, each with a phase locked loop (PLL)
    • 120 DSP gates
    • Internal clock with a speed exceeding 450 MHz
    • Dual channel, 1 internal analogue-digital MSPS converter (XADC)
  • Memory
    • 128 MB DDR2
    • Flash series
    • MicroSD card slot
  • Power
    • Powered by USB or any external 4.5 ... 5.5 V power source
  • USB and Ethernet
    • 10/100 Ethernet PHY
    • USB-JTAG interface
    • USB-UART
    • USB HID host for mice, keyboards and memory cards
  • I / o user
    • 16 switches
    • 16 LEDs
    • Two RGB LEDs
    • Two 4-digit 7-segment displays
  • Sound and video
    • 12-bit VGA output
    • PWM audio output
    • PDM microphone
  • Additional sensors
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • Temperature sensor
  • Expansion connectors
    • Pmod connector for XADC signals
    • Four Pmod connectors providing 32 full I / O FPGAs

Description of connectors on the board


  1. Power socket
  2. Power button
  3. USB host connector
  4. PIC24 programming port
  5. Ethernet connector
  6. FPGA programming with LED
  7. VGA connector
  8. Audio connector
  9. Jumper of programming mode
  10. Analog signal port Pmod (XADC)
  11. Reset button for FPGA configuration
  12. CPU reset button
  13. Five buttons
  14. Port of Pmod
  15. Temperature sensor
  16. JTAG port for (optional) external cable
  17. Tri-color LED (RGB)
  18. Slide switches (16)
  19. LED diodes (16)
  20. Power points
  21. 8-digit 7-seg screen
  22. Microphone
  23. External configuration jumper (SD / USB)
  24. MicroSD card slot
  25. Shared UART / JTAG USB port
  26. Power selection jumper and battery connector
  27. Power LED
  28. Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA
  29. DDR2 memory


  • Evaluation board Nexys A7 Artix 50T
  • Micro USB cable

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