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Totem XL Maker Kit - construction kit with tools (large)

A universal set of structural elements (plastic beams, plates, metal brackets and fasteners, and a set of screws and nuts). It also includes the necessary tools. Totem TKM-MK3

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The Totem XL Maker Kit is a universal set of construction elements, which consists of plastic beams, plates, metal brackets and fasteners, and a set of screws and nuts. Thanks to the included set of necessary tools, everyone can adjust the dimensions of the parts to their own needs. It enables the construction of durable structures for all applications - from supports for electronic devices to robot structures.

The set allows you to build a structure from scratch in a relatively short time. The elements can be used directly or easily cut to the required size.

Using the Totem Maker Kit, you can also modify ready-made Totem structures by adding your own electronic modules, such as control boards, sensors or drives. Construction elements can also be integrated with 3D prints.

To modify the dimensions of Totem structural elements, you need basic tools, such as a utility knife, a vice or a handball (set of tools included).

Smaller elements (brackets, screws, nuts) are closed in a handy box with compartments, which ensures comfortable use. More information on building a structure using the Totem system can be found on the project Wiki page and on the manufacturer's blog.

Totem is a unique set of tools for designers and electronics. The offer includes both universal construction kits as well as electronic boards, sensors, motors, servos and the necessary tools. Totem also offers ready-made kits for assembling wheeled and walking robots, manipulators and building your own laboratory. The Totem system has been designed so that everyone can adapt it to their own needs. For the construction, you can use dedicated drives or sensors, as well as modules from other manufacturers, thanks to the universal assembly system. Totem designs are distinguished by the fact that they combine plastics and metal elements, which ensures high strength, and the connection is durable.


  • 1710 items
  • Fillers for the aesthetic finish of the corners
  • The plastic beams and tiles are already trimmed and ready to be assembled
  • Basic Totem brackets for main connections
  • Installation guide
  • Original Totem screwdriver with a strong magnetic holder
  • Small parts are delivered in a nice box with compartments
  • The system is an excellent prototyping tool
  • Unique beam, a large variety of connection methods, easily replaceable and strong structures
  • Easy assembly of motors and electronics

Kit contains

  • 350 x construction beam 400 mm long
  • 10 x construction board 100x100 mm
  • 80 x two-hole bracket (straight)
  • 80 x two-hole bracket (45 °)
  • 30 x L bracket
  • 80 x C bracket
  • 30 x L-bracket twisted
  • 30 x L-bracket twisted inverted
  • 20 x 3 bean hole bracket (straight)
  • 20 x bracket with three bean-shaped holes (45 °)
  • 50 x Bracket with two bean-shaped holes (straight)
  • 30 x bracket with two bean-shaped holes (90 °)
  • 50 x bracket with two bean-shaped holes (45 °)
  • 20 x swan-shaped bracket 90x45 °
  • 20 x swan-shaped bracket 90x45 ° inverted
  • 20 x bracket at 90x45 °
  • 20 x bracket at 90x45 ° inverted
  • 30 x L bracket twisted (adjustable)
  • 30 x L bracket twisted inverted (adjustable)
  • 30 x double-sided filler
  • 30 x one-sided filler
  • 20 x M3x12 screw
  • 20 x M3x8 screw
  • 400 x M3x6 screw
  • 20 x nut M3 5.5x5.5
  • 400 x M3 nut 6x10
  • Metal bracket
  • 40 x M3 nylon nut
  • 30 x distance M3 8mm
  • 10 x M3x20 screw
  • 10 x M3x35 screw
  • 10 x M3x45 screw
  • Screwdriver
  • Beam cutting kit
  • Tile cutting kit