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MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module View larger

MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module

MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module, MYIR

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MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module is a single board computer base ATMEL AT91SAM9G15 ARM9 processor working at 400MHZ. It integrates all core components and memories and plugged on base board MYD-SAM9G15-V2 development board. It carries 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB NandFlash and 4MB DataFlash to build and minimal CPU sub-system for evaluation and development.

The CPU module has also been called as a core board, a CPU core module or a CPU board.

The CPU module extended periphery signals and get power supply by two 70-pin connectors, it's easy for the user to make a base board.

MYC-SAM9G15-V2 shares the same PCB circuitry with MYC-SAM9X5-V2 CPU module series.

MYC-SAM9X5-V2 CPU Modules series have five types (click to see):

MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU Module

MYC-SAM9G25-V2 CPU Module

MYC-SAM9G35-V2 CPU Module

MYC-SAM9X25-V2 CPU Module

MYC-SAM9X35-V2 CPU Module

MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module features

  • ATMEL SAM9G15 ARM9 processor
  • 256MB NandFlash, 4MB DataFlash, 128MB DDR2 SDRAM, 64KB EEPROM
  • 10 / 100Mb / s Ethernet MAC controller (DM9161)
  • Power led (Red), tick led system (blue)

Board features

  • CPU Module: 72mm x 50mm, thickness 1.6mm
  • CPU Module: 6 layers; independent ground layer
  • PCB Flash gold process
  • Working temperature: -40 ° ~ + 85 °
  • Industrial level PCB board and components
  • Rohs compliance, Lead-free

Noted: ATMEL SAM9X5 CPU series are mainly focus on industrial level. If the products you are developing is 0 ° ~ + 70 °, please contact us for the new quotation.

Software resource

  • MDK-ARM example code
  • Linux 2.6.39
  • Andriod 2.3.5

Download this file to MYD-SAM9X5_V2 development board

Packing list for MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module

MYC-SAM9G15-V2 × 1 DVD × 1

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packing List
  • MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module - one MYC-SAM9G15-V2 CPU module
  • DVD - one product DVD disk