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Segger Flasher Portable (5.16.01)

Portable Flash Programmer for on-chip and external flash memory

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Flasher Portable
Portable Flash Programmer for on-chip and external flash memory.


Flasher Portable is a programming tool for microcontrollers with on-chip and/or external flash memory.
It has been designed to fill the need of an extremely portable, production grade, flash programmer used for in-field firmware updates.
No need to be tethered to an outlet, it is powered by standard batteries.

Initial setup/preparation for stand-alone mode operation is done via the J-Flash software, also used by other Flasher models, which requires a PC running Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
Flasher portable also supports having multiple configurations/image files stored on the Flasher, so one unit can be used for different targets.
Proper image selection is done by simply clicking a button. The currently selected image is indicated via LEDs.

Adapters for all common connections are available which may be used to do everything from fully electrically isolate the Flasher Portable from the target device, to remap the pins and reduce the pitch and/or pins to the target header.


  • Stand-alone in-circuit-programmer (Once set up, Flasher can be controlled without the use of a PC program)
  • Powered by 3 standard AAA batteries (no external power supply required)
  • Supports having multiple configurations/data files being stored on Flasher
  • Push button allows easy selection between multiple images/configurations stored on Flasher
  • 128 MB internal memory for configuration and data file storage
  • Supports ARM, Cortex, PowerPC and Renesas RX cores
  • Supports internal and external flash devices
  • Free software updates1, 1 year of support
  • Data files can be updated via mass storage or via J-Flash
  • Target interface: JTAG / SWD / FINE / SPD
  • Programming speed between 30-300 Kbytes/second (depending on target hardware)

Package content

Flasher Portable is delivered with the following components:

  • Flasher Portable with standard 20-pin J-Link target connector
  • 20-pin, 0.1" target ribbon cable
  • USB cable
  • 3x AAA batteries


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