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WEP 878D - 2in1 soldering station 700W View larger

WEP 878D - 2-in-1 hotair soldering station + soldering iron

WEP 878D soldering station is a station with hot air soldering iron (hotair) and 50W soldering iron. It is used in electronic services for safe soldering QFP, BGA, SMD, PLCC and other temperature sensitive components. WEP 878D

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HotAir temperature100 - 480 °C
Tip soldering iron temperature 200 - 480 °C
Station type2w1 (lutownica grotowa + hotair)

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WEP 878D soldering iron is a soldering station with a hot air soldering iron (hotair) and a soldering iron. It has an LED display on which the temperature for hot air is displayed, temperature control by means of buttons and blowing power by means of a knob. The temperature in the soldering iron is controlled by a knob. It has a sensor in the stock stand, thanks to which, after putting the stock on the stand, the station cools the heating element for 3 to 8 minutes, then turns it off (standby).

Thanks to this, we save energy, extend the life of the heater and increase work safety. Stable and efficient air discharge is provided by the fan located in the flask. The fan is driven by a brushless motor, ensuring much higher durability and reliability of the device.


  • Soldering station:
    • Solid and ergonomic housing
    • The processor control high stability of work, an extension of heating elements life, energy saving
    • Wakefulness
    • The memory of the last set temperature
    • Power supply: 230 V
    • Station power: 700 W
  • Hotair
    • Hot air temperature control from 100-480°C
    • Temperature stability: ± 1°C
    • LED display
    • Temperature setting using buttons,
    • Smooth regulation of airflow by means of buttons,
    • Fan-generated blow
    • Airflow up to 120 liters/minute [max]
    • Size of the hot air outlet head 22 mm (All nozzles from PT/Aoyue stations fit)
  • Tip soldering iron:
    • Tip temperature adjustment from 200-480 °C
    • Temperature stability ± 2 °C
    • Soldering iron power: 50 W 
    • LED indicator
    • 1m cable
    • ESD Safe
    • The potential between tip and ground: < 2 mV


    • 878D soldering station
    • Hotair stand
    • Round nozzles with 7 mm and 9 mm diameters and 12 x 12 mm square
    • Stand under the tip with a cleaning sponge
    • 907A tip stock with T-I tip
    • Gripper for lifting systems