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USB converter <-> UART, SSOP28, RoHS

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FT232R is a USB <-> UART converter compatible backwards with the well-known FT232BM chip, but definitely more integrated. The FT232R system does not require an external quartz crystal or EEPROM memory. There is also no need for separate supply of the analog part of the system, which allows reducing the number of elements necessary for proper operation and increases the system's resistance to EMI interference.


  • Five I / O lines (CBUS0-4), whose functions the user can independently determine using the free MPROG utility program;
  • Possibility to individually determine the polarization of the RS232 interface line;
  • Built-in clock signal generator;
  • Unique serial number (FTDIChipID);
  • Support for three new (in relation to FT232BM) BitBang operating modes (advanced asynchronous with two strobing signals, synchronous and asynchronous using CBUS lines), which significantly increase application possibilities;
  • Built-in 3.3V voltage stabilizer with current capacity of 50mA (can be used as a voltage source supplying power to I / O lines);
  • Also reduced power consumption - during operation, the system does not charge more than 15 mA (at the supply voltage of 3.3-5 V).

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