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Producer: AVT

Each electronics with time achieves a level of sophistication, at which it ceases to be sufficient for measurements of an ordinary multimeter. Completing the equipment of the electronic laboratory begins. As the first one we plan an oscilloscope, then a generator, etc. And if so, try to do some of these devices yourself, or maybe one universal? The element base is currently so extensive that it is easy to select and purchase the necessary components. We therefore propose the construction of a Minikombajnu Pomiarowy. It's not just an oscilloscope and generator but also a set of tools that allow you to run most simple electronic circuits. We receive, among others, oscilloscope, generator, spectrum analyzer, multimeter and logic analyzer.

The device is particularly recommended in laboratories of amateur electronics

Selected parameters:

  • multi-functional measuring set
  • oscilloscope: two channels with 300 kHz band each, vertical resolution of 12 bits, time base 2us-50ms, amplification 50mV-5V (for probe 1: 1), input voltages +/- 40V, impedance 1Mom
  • arbitrary generator: waveforms - sinus, rectangle, saw, pink and white noise, frequency 1Hz-500kHz, output voltage up to 2.5Vpp, fill control 1-99%, offset +/- 1.2V, modulation AM and FM 0-200 %, frequency sweep, the ability to save and edit any waveform
  • Spectrum Analyzer: 1Kampamp sampling, 512-point Real-FFT, final frequency 160Hz-1MHz
  • logic analyzer: 8 channels, 2K ampli, 500S / s-4-MS / s
  • wobuloscope: measurement of characteristics by frequency sweep, Dirac impulse and white noise
  • multimeter: measurement of True RMS voltages, average, maximum and minimum values, frequency measurement
  • communication with a computer - RS232 interface
  • power supply - 3-3,6Vdc
  • in the set there is a printed circuit board, programmed layout, set of elements and documentation

    Detailed description in EdW1 / 12 or

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