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Simple projects for young DIY enthusiasts

The editors of the Make magazine

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Original title: Make: Easy 1 + 2 + 3 Projects
Translation: Konrad Matuk
ISBN: 978-83-283-2774-0
Release date: 2016-11-14
Format: 140x208

DIY is a great way to get bored, and at the same time it stimulates creativity and makes difficult and incomprehensible areas such as physics, electronics or mathematics suddenly become practical, necessary and interesting. The hand-made execution of surprising, but also useful items from materials that are most often at your fingertips, also brings a lot of satisfaction, and at the same time is great, inspiring and absorbing fun.

You hold an extraordinary book in your hand: a collection of dozens of various projects developed by various people. They are all very easy to make and are great for working together for parents and children or for young DIY enthusiasts. You will learn how to make ingenious toys, games, as well as mechanical constructions or electronic circuits, which later can be used for various things. Most of the projects will provide useful items and materials in every household. However, this fun may have a side effect: sudden interest in exact sciences!

Do it yourself, with your child, friend or parent:

  • Remotely controlled tripod for the camera
  • Boomerang
  • High-pressure rocket
  • Heat engine
  • Lantern activated by the wind
  • Many many others

Get inspired, be fascinated, show what you can do!

The authors of the book are people who published their projects in the "Make:" magazine. They are teachers, writers, parents, reporters, artists, mathematicians, academic lecturers. In turn, "Make:" is a bimonthly magazine published in the USA, devoted to projects for independent implementation with the use of knowledge from fields such as electronics, robotics, metalworking and woodworking. "Make:" is considered the "central DIY authority".