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Cyfrowe przetwarzanie sygnałów. Metody, algorytmy, zastosowania (e-book)

Dag Stranneby

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Author: Dag Stranneby
Original title: Digital Signal Processing: DSP and Applications
Translation: dr inż. Michał Nadachowski
ISBN: 83-921073-4-9
Format: PDF, B5, 256 pages
BTC publishing house
Warsaw - paper edition 2004.

About the book

Written by Daga Stranneby, the book about DSP has great didactic and practical values. The author puts the main emphasis on explaining the principles and applications of DSP with minimal use of a mathematical apparatus. One volume covers a wide range of digital signal processing systems - a / c and c converters, adaptive filters, spectral estimation, neural networks, Kalman filters, fuzzy logic, data compression, error correction and DSP algorithms.
The book can be used as a textbook or supplement to other studies for teaching the subject covering digital signal processing for students of technical universities. It is also perfect for students of postgraduate courses and people professionally involved in digital signal processing

From the author

This book is not a digital signal processing (DSP) manual. Although in the first chapter the DSP theoretical basis is given in short form, it is assumed that the reader already has knowledge about sampling, differential equations, Z transforms, finite and infinite impulse response filters, fast Fourier transform (FFT), etc. The book's guiding principle is a combination of theoretical problems of signal processing using DSP algorithms in practice. A wide overview of the various applications of digital signal processing was also presented, which should be an incentive to further study this subject.
In my opinion, the main goal of teaching is to lead to an intuitive understanding of concepts and systems. Therefore, the substantive material of the book is somewhat simplified at the expense of limiting mathematical considerations. The reader, especially with only elementary knowledge about DSP and methods of processing, may have difficulty in capturing some details of the issues discussed at once. You do not have to worry about it. The first, most important step in studying each topic is - before getting into details - understanding the nature of the problem and learning the basic methods to solve it.

About the author

Dag Stranneby is a professor at the University of Örebro in Sweden. During many years of didactic work, he lectured, among others from the basics of electronics, digital signal processing, radio systems, wireless communication systems, neural networks, control theories, assembler and C ++ programming.