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KAmodWS2812-8 - module with eight RGB WS2812 diodes

KAmodWS2812-8 is a module with eight WS2812 multicolor LED. Thanks to the in each LED embedded controller, modules can be series connected to makes an amazing light snakes. KAmodWS2812-8

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The module allows to create interesting lighting effects using eight multi-color LEDs WS2812-8. Each of the LEDs can be controlled independently and display one of more than 16.7 million shades of color. Thanks to the controllers embedded in the diode, they can be combined into series, and the whole control is always carried out via one signal cable.


  • Tri-color LED (RGB) WS2812 type, with embedded controller
  • Module has 8 LED series connected
  • Each of basic colors can controlled with up to 256 brightness levels
  • Possibility of displaying more than 16.7 mln light tone
  • Power supply voltage: 5V – 7V
  • Wire that connects two modules can be up to 5m length without additional amplifier
  • Holes for soldering of pin connector
  • Two mounting holes 3mm
  • Module size (without connectors): 62.5mm x 10.5mm x 3mm

Application example (VU-meter built based on KAmduino UNO and KAmodMIC_ELECTRET)

Kit content

  • Assembled and launched module KAmodWS2812-8
  • Pin connectors (male) for soldering
  • Pin connectors (female) for soldering