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DFRobot Gravity - Module with MOSFET 5-36 V transistor

Module with MOSFET transistor, 5-36 V, 20 A, switching frequency 1 kHz. DFRobot DFR0457

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Output current20 A
Number of channels1
Executive elementMOSFET

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Module with MOSFET transistor. It enables fast switching of high voltage circuits 5 - 36 V and high current flow, up to 20 A. Switching can take place at a frequency of up to 1 kHz. Unlike the relay, it does not have a coil, the current consumption of which significantly exceeds the GPIO current capacity of many microcontrollers and single board computers. In addition, the MOSFET transistor does not have mechanical components that sound and wear when switching the circuit. The transistor is controlled by a voltage from 3.3 to 10 V.


  • Switching voltage: 5 - 36 V
  • Changeover circuit current: 0 - 20 A (When switching the circuit in which the current exceeds 10 A flows, it is recommended to connect the heat sink to the MOSFET transistor)
  • Maximum switching frequency: 1 kHz
  • Switching characteristics: ON (20 us), OFF (50 us)
  • Gravity connector (PH2.0-3P)
  • Silent switching
  • Lack of mechanical elements (opposite of relays)
  • Control voltage: 3.3-10 V
  • Working temperature: -55 ~ 155 ℃
  • Module dimensions: 44 x 32 mm


  • Module with MOSFET transistor
  • Gravity connection cable