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KAmduino UNO - development board with ATmega328P microcontroller

KAmduino UNO is a development board with functionality and dimensions typical for Arduino UNO. Thanks to the built-in ATmega328P microcontroller and the FT231X chipset, the board can be programmed via a USB interface using the Arduino environment. KAmduino UNO

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Data sheet

Flash memory32kB
EEPROM memory1kB
Number of digital pins20
Number of PWM channels6
Ilość wejść analogowych6
ADC1x 10bit
WiFi/BT moduleNo
Bluetooth moduleNo
GSM/GPRS moduleNie
Logic voltage5 V
MicroSD slotNo
Supply voltage min7
Supply voltages max15 V

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The board allows you to use the capabilities of the ATmega328P microcontroller in combination with the Arduino environment. KAmduino UNO is compatible with Arduino UNO, so you can expand its capabilities using the so-called. "Shieldów."


  • ATmega328P microcontroller from ATMEL
  • 20 input / output lines derived (including 6 lines that can work in PWM mode)
  • Downloaded Arduino bootloader
  • It has a microUSB-B connector for programming and data exchange
  • It can be powered via a DC-JACK socket (5.5x2.5) with a voltage between 7 ... 15 V
  • It has reverse polarity protection on the DC plug
  • Possibility of powering from the USB port
  • Spacing of pins compatible with Arduino UNO
  • It has a user diode and diodes signaling the transmission from / to the computer
  • Built-in microcontroller reset button
  • USB port protected against electrostatic discharge
  • The possibility of a significant extension of functionality through overlapping modules (shieldy)
  • Mounting holes with a diameter of 3 mm
  • Module dimensions: 69 x 55 x 14 mm

How the KAMduino module was created

Sample application (KAmduino UNO with superimposed KA-Nucleo-Weather )



  • The assembled KAmduino UNO tile