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J-Link JTAG Isolator (8.07.00)

Standard 20-pin 0.1 male connector to provide electrical isolation, Segger

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J-Link JTAG Isolator (8.07.00)

Standard 20-pin 0.1 male connector to provide electrical isolation, Segger

The J-Link JTAG Isolator can be connected between J-Link and any ARM-board that uses the standard 20-pin JTAG-ARM connector to provide electrical isolation. This is essential when the development tools are not connected to the same ground as the application. It is also useful to protect the development tools from electrical spikes that often occur in some applications, such as motor control applications. Another typical field of application is development of products with sensors or other analog circuitry, in which case the target hardware is protected from electrical noise originating from the development PC.
This product is compatible with J-Link, J-Link PRO, J-Link ULTRA, J-Link ULTRA+, J-Link PLUS and Flasher ARM.

Including all models, more than 100,000 J-Links have been sold so far, making J-Link probably the most popular emulator for ARM cores and the de-facto standard.


  • 1kV DC isolation
  • 3.3V and 5V target operation supported
  • Powered from emulator and target
  • JTAG standard 20-pin connection supporting TRST, TDI, TMS, TCK, RTCK, TDO and RESET signals
  • Power consumption on target side: < 50mA
  • JTAG frequency: Up to 4MHz
  • 3 LEDs to indicate emulator power, target power and target RESET

Connectors and indicators

The JTAG Isolator uses high speed optocouplers that allow a very low propagation time between input and output. It comes with the following connectors and indicators:

  • 20-pin female EMULATOR connector which can be plugged directly into J-Link
  • 20-pin male TARGET connector for connection of the target cable
  • Green LED indicating power on the emulator side
  • Green LED indicating power on the target side
  • Red LED indicating RESET


  • Segger J-Link JTAG Isolator


Code: J-Link JTAG Isolator (8.07.00)