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J-Link Needle Adapter (8.06.04)

J-Link Needle Adapter - connect J-Link to a PCB, Segger

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J-Link Needle Adapter (8.06.04)
J-Link Needle Adapter - connect J-Link to a PCB, Segger

The J-Link Needle Adapter has been designed to connect J-Link to a PCB which does not come with a mating connector or programming header. The designed pattern with 3 locating pins ensures, that the adapter can only be connected in one way.
The needle adapter allows manufacturers to save costs and space on their PCBs since there is no need to provide the PCB with additional connectors.
It adapts from the 20-pin 0.1 JTAG to a 10-pin needle connector.

J-Link Needle Adapter is compatible to J-Link, J-Link Pro, J-Link Ultra , J-Link EDU, Flasher ARM, Flasher RX and Flasher PPC.

Why to choose the J-Link Needle Adapter:

  • No additional connector required on your PCB
  • Very small footprint
  • High reliability spring pins for secure connections
  • Designed with 3 locating pins, so the adapter can not be connected the wrong way
  • No external power supply required! The J-Link Needle Adapter comes with the option to power the target hardware via J-Link

These features make the J-Link Needle Adapter the perfect solution for debugging and production purposes.


The pinout of the J-Link Needle Adapter is based on the pinout of the needle adapter by Tag-Connect. Please note, that both pinouts are not 100% identical since the J-Link Needle Adapter comes with a 5V-supply pin.

As you can see on the image below, the three locating pins ensure, that the adapter can not be connected to the PCB the wrong way. Moreover, the two "legs" on each side of the connector guarantee a stable and secure contact between pins and the PCB.