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Step-Down Buck Voltage Regulator 5V 600mA D24V6F5

The Step-Down D24V6F5 Buck Voltage Regulator module gives the output voltage of 5V with a wide input voltage range of 7-42V and a maximum output current of 600 mA. Pololu 2107

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Data sheet

Output voltage5th
Output current0.6A
Converter typeStep-down
Supply voltage min7
Supply voltages max42 V

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The Step-Down D24V6F5 buck voltage regulator module has a 5 V output voltage with a wide input voltage range of 7-42V. The maximum current load of the module is 600 mA. The converter achieves a standard efficiency of 80 - 90% at similar values of input and output voltage.

Note! The board does not have reverse-voltage protection. Incorrect power connection will cause permanent damage of the module.

The inverter module is also available in other voltage variants with constant output voltage: 3,3 V9 V and 12 V.


  • Input voltage: 7-42 V
  • 5 V output voltage with 4% accuracy
  • Type. maximum current: 600 mA
  • Built-in protection against short-circuit and overheating
  • Type. efficiency: 80..90%
  • Size: 13 × 10 × 3 mm
  • Possibility of mounting goldpin


  • VIN - power input (7-42V)
  • GND - mass
  • VOUT - output
  • SHDN – Shutdown pin can be driven low (under 0.3 V) to turn off the output and put the board into a low-power state that typically draws 20 μA, and it can be driven high (above 2.3 V) to enable the board. If you do not need to use the shutdown feature, the SHDN pin can be directly connected to VIN to permanently enable the board. You should not leave this pin disconnected as this can result in unpredictable behavior.

Kit contains

  • Buck converter module D24V6F5 x1
  • Goldpin connector 4pin straight x1
  • Goldpin connector 4pin right-angle x1