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Tin LC60 0.25mm 250g View larger

Tin LC60 0.25mm 250g

Tin Sn60Pb40 with flux (250g spool, diameter 0.25mm, CYNEL

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Średnica0,25 mm
Weight250 g

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Cynel tin with flux on a spool 250g, diameter 0.25mm.

S-Sn60Pb40 alloy produced in the first melt of tin and lead in accordance with the standard PN EN 29453: 2000, in a continuous process of casting without air access, then extruded, which eliminates the occurrence of oxides.

Chemical characterization

  • Tin content: 59.5% to 60.5%
  • Lead content: other
  • Minimum purity of raw materials used: 99.90%

Maximum contamination:


Physical characteristics

  • Melting point: 183 ° C to 190 ° C
  • Specific weight: 8.65 g / cm3
  • Working temperature: 320 ° C to 420 ° C


Solder S-Sn60Pb40 is mainly used in the electronics industry, for the production of standard devices and electronic components, electrotechnics and for soldering elements with tin, tin-lead, cadmium, zinc and silver coatings.