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Simple and yet extremely useful adapter for the universal meter. With the need to measure inductivity, you can meet mainly during the assembly of the radio system. In practice, it is not always possible to use ready-made inductances, but there are various problems (eg illegible markings). Even more problems are with self-inductive components. The conclusion of this one - inductance before mounting should be checked. They are not required for this, commercially available and expensive meters - all you need is a presented layout and a simple digital universal meter.
The booster is built on six Schmitt inverters (74HCT14 circuit). They form a 128 kHz generator, a separator amplifier and phase inverter. The output signal is supplied to a universal meter working as a millivolt meter.

The device is especially recommended for all electronics - in the service and workshop, radioamators and amateur radio

Selected parameters:

  • measurement of inductance in the range of 500 nH - 50 uH
  • processing constant - 10 mV / 1 uH
  • reading of the measured value - digital multimeter
  • small dimensions, the structure allows direct insertion into the clamps of the multimeter
  • the possibility of increasing the measuring range
  • power supply - 5 Vdc (eg from a workshop stabilized power supply)
  • printed circuit board and documentation included
    A version with a set of components for self-assembly is available
      Detailed description in EdW 2/07