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Apollo Developer Kit - Intel Stratix 10 SoC FPGA Development Kit

Development kit with Apollo S10 module and base board. Equipped with an Intel Stratix 10 SoC processor with 2800K logic elements, has a DDR4 SDRAM memory (up to 64 GB), built-in USB-Blaster II, Ethernet, microSD, miniUSB and QSFP connectors and USB type C. TerasIC Apollo Developer Kit (P0671)

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Apollo Developer Kit is a development kit with the Apollo S10 module and the Apollo Carrier Board.

Apollo S10 SoM is an evaluation module that uses the latest Intel Stratix 10 SoC processor with 2800K logic elements. It allows high calculation speed with low power consumption. Combining a number of high-class hardware interfaces, such as high-performance and broadband DDR4 SDRAM memory (up to 64 GB), built-in USB-Blaster II, Ethernet, microSD, miniUSB and expandable FMC/FMC+ connectors, the kit provides more than twice as much performance as the development kits of the previous one generation.

The module has been designed for high-performance solutions for FPGA prototyping and HPC solutions. Apollo S10 SoM offers unsurpassed performance and energy efficiency in a small package, and provides increased performance over processors for critical loads such as simulation acceleration, molecular dynamics, machine learning.

The base board allows you to expand the module's capabilities with a QSFP + 40 Gb/s connector and Thunderbolt 3 for the purpose of developing the I/O planned for their systems and build your own systems around them. The module is plugged into the base board using the FMC and FMC+ connectors.


Apollo S10 module

  • FPGA Intel Stratix 10 Soc FPGA 1SX280HU2F50E1VG
    • 2,800K logic elements (LEs)
    • 229 Mbits embedded memory(M20K)
    • 96 transceivers (up to 28.3Gbps)
    • 11,520 18-bit x 19-bit multipliers
    • 5,760 Variable-precision DSP blocks
  • FPGA Configuration
    • On-Board USB Blaster II for FPGA programming and Debug
    • AS Mode configuration from QSPI Flash
  • Clock and User Interface
    • Four 50Mhz Single-ended Clock Source
    • One 100Mhz Single-ended Clock Source
    • Clock Generator Si5341
    • LED x2, Button x2, Dip Switch x2, CPU Reset
    • Power Switch
    • FMC Voltage 1.8V/1.5V/1.2V Selection
    • FMC+ Voltage 1.8V/1.5V/1.2V Selection
  • Memory
    • 1024Mbit QSPI Flash (EPCQL1024 Compliant)
    • Total of 64GB DDR4 x72 2133MT/s with ECC
      • Two independent DDR4 banks
      • One bank is shared with FPGA and HPS
  • Communication and Expansion
    • FMC (Vita57.1) connector with 10 transceivers
    • FMC+(Vita57.4) connector with 24 transceivers
  • HPS
    • MicroSD Socket
    • Gigabit Ethernet with RJ45
    • USB OTG with Micro USB Connector
    • UART to USB with Mini USB Connector
    • RTC
    • LED x1, Button x1, Cold Reset Button
    • 1x6 GPIO Header
  • Dashboard System
    • Input Power Monitor
    • FPGA and Board Temperature Monitor
    • Fan Control and Monitor
    • Auto Fan Speed
    • Auto Shutdown
  • Power Source
    • 12V from 2x4 PCIe connector
    • 12V from Samtec connector (reserved for carrier board)

Apollo Carrier Board

  • PCIe Gen3 x4 via Thunderbolt 3 (Type-C Connector)
  • USB Downstream port via Thunderbolt 3 (Type-A Connector)
  • Two QSFP connectors (40G Ethernet)
  • Clock Generator to provide reference clock for transceiver IP
  • LED x4, Button x2, Switch x2
  • 2x20 GPIO Expansion Header. Adjustable IO Standard 3.3V/2.5V/1.8V.

Kit contains

  • Apollo Module Board and Carrier Board
  • Heatsink (Installed)
  • MicroSD Card (Installed) + Card Reader
  • Mini USB Cable
  • 12V/240W Power Supply
  • AC Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide