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Use of computers. Know more

William Buchanan

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Author: William Buchanan

ISBN: 83-206-1511-9
Format: B5, 488 pages
Publisher: WKiŁ

About the book
Reviews in magazines:

INTERNET, May 2004
As part of the series "Know more" published by the Publishing House of Communication and Communication, a book was published devoted to the principles of computer operation and areas of their applications. It is worth emphasizing the fact that it covers a wide range of issues, among which many Internet-related topics have appeared. The introduction presents a historical outline in which, among others, six generations of computers. In addition, the reader has the opportunity to find out the difference between data and information. The next stage is the approximation of basic knowledge about computers, including their architecture, binary arithmetic and forms of data representation. The author then goes on to issues related to operational systems, emphasizing multitasking and multi-threading. We also find treatment materials about processes and remote processing. Particular attention should be paid to the material devoted to data transmission, which facilitates understanding of the principles of modem operation. The chapter dealing with data compression also deserves recognition.
A lot of space is occupied by issues related to internet networks and technologies. We find here, among others basic information about the network and its types, materials dealing with TCP / IP protocols, as well as encryption and security. There was also information about the basic services available on the Internet, with particular emphasis on the WWW and e-mail.
Readers can also get information about databases and data storage methods, and learn about the basics of software development, including the comparison of popular software languages. The whole is supplemented by a chapter on multimedia.
The publication is an interesting attempt to present the basic technologies and application areas of modern information technology. It is worth to pay attention to numerous illustrations that facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, as well as curiosities making reading enjoyable.
Rating of the Internet ***** monthly

RADIOELECTRONICS Audio-HiFi-Video, July 2004
... ..The author undertook a difficult task - the inclusion in one volume of extensive knowledge covering both theoretical foundations of electronics, telecommunications and information technology and the principles of their practical use. He succeeded very well.

The work of William Buchanan should become a compulsory reading of all those interested in learning more about the tools of their daily work ...