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Reduced price! Płytka kompatybilna z WeMos D1 z układem Wi-Fi ESP8266 View larger

Development board IoT, compatible with WeMos D1 with the Wi-Fi ESP8266 system

Development board with dimensions and spacing compatible with Arduino Uno R3. It have built-in Wi-Fi ESP8266 module. The device is compatible with WeDOS D1, it can be programmed from the level of Arduino IDE

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Data sheet

Logic voltage3,3 V
Wi-Fi chipESP8266
Wi-Fi standard802.11 b/g/n
Frequency range2,4 GHz
Baud rate72,2 Mbps
Antenna connectorBrak
Power supply voltage5 - 24 V

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The development board allows for integration with Wi-Fi module (ESP8266) which is known for its simplicity and considerable capabilities with overlays (shields) with a spacing of connectors compatible with Arduino UNO R3 giving a lot of opportunities for the development of the IoT project. The board is compatible with WeMos D1 and NodeMCU.

The maximum allowed voltage on the lines of the ESP8266 system is 3.3 V. Make sure that the additional module attached to the board does not force the lines of the ESP8266 voltage higher than allowed.


  • A board compatible with WeMos D1 WiFi ESP8266
  • It operates based on the ESP-8266EX module with a built-in PCB antenna
  • Built-in USB-UART converter (CH340G)
  • Spacing of connectors compatible with Arduino UNO R3
  • Possibility of programming using Arduino IDE (after installing ESP8266 Core)
  • Number of inputs / outputs: 11 (maximum line voltage: 3.3V)
  • Analog input: 1 (power supply range: 0...3.3V)
  • Supports wireless firmware update (OTA))
  • Built-in voltage stabilizer: 5V / 1A and 3.3V
  • Built-in microcontroller reset button (RESET)
  • Maximum input voltage (plug 5.5 x 2.1): 24V DC
  • Can be added via the micro-USB connector
  • Board dimensions: 69 x 54 x 15mm
  • It has mounting holes with a diameter of 3mm