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Producer: AVT

The system allows to control a model of a tank type vehicle, i.e. driven by two engines, where the left engine drives the left track (left wheel), and the right engine drives the right track (right wheel). Because in the 21st century it does not fall out any more - the model is controlled by a computer. The Windows program controls the model through the RS232 serial port. It allows you to control four activities: driving forward, turning left, turning right and stopping the model. Although there is a lack of the option of driving backwards, but in the case of a tank, it does not matter much. The tank is very manoeuvrable, turns virtually in place, making it easier to maneuver than using a car model. The program controls the model using a previously saved ride. It can be programmed "dry", predicting which way the model has to go through and entering it into the program. The second method consists in "recording" the drive of the manually controlled model (keyboard cursors). It gives fantastic possibilities. We can, for example, register the model ride from the room to the kitchen, then set the model to the place from which it started driving, and activate the driving playback program. Now our tank will go to the kitchen itself! It will simply recreate the previously saved ride. In this way, we can program the driving routes around the apartment.

The device is particularly recommended for modelers and users of military toys

Selected parameters:

  • control of two drive motors
  • connection with a computer - RS232
  • full galvanic separation from a controlled toy
  • signaling of the status of control outputs - LED diodes
  • executive circuits - transistors
  • power supply of the computer part - with PC
  • power supply of the executive part - from the toy
  • power supply - 4-24 Vdc (executive part)
  • in the set of printed circuit boards, a set of elements and documentation
      Detailed description in EdW 12/02