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Servo Smart Servo A1-16 from XYZrobot

Compact servo designed for use in the Bolide Y-01 Advanced Humanoid Robot humanoid robot. Thanks to its high torque, it can be used in walking robots (Hexapod) or robotic arms. Pololu 3400

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Data sheet

Torque25 kg-cm
Prędkość kątowa70 RPM
Rozmiar serwa (seria)Giant
Gear materialMetal
Praca ciągła 360°Tak
Sprzężenie zwrotneTak
Power supply voltage12V
Weight60 g

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Servo Smart Servo A1-16 from XYZrobot has been designed for applications where high power is required, it will be used in humanoid robots, walking robots or robotic arms. Servos are used in the robot Bolide Y-01 Advanced Humonoid Robot by XYZRobot. In contrast to the modeling servos, they allow for continuous 360 ° work, while offering the option of controlling the position in the range from 0 to 330 °. The ULO TTL 5 V interface is used for communication, thanks to it we can configure the servo and retrieve feedback on the current position, speed, voltage, temperature, etc. This allows the connection of multiple servos into a series using a single wire. In addition, there is a diode on the housing, which can signal servo error, which will allow you to quickly locate the incorrectly operating servo in the series. Communication with the server using the TTL 5 V UART interface is described in detail in the documentation.

Because the servo for control uses the TTL 5 V UART interface can not be controlled as a typical servo signal. It will also not work with standard RC receivers or servo controllers.


  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Resolution: 0.323 °
  • Interface: TTL 5V UART
  • Ratio: 254: 1
  • Holding moment: 25 kg * cm (2.47 Nm)
  • Speed (without load) for 12 V: 70 rpm
  • Current drawn (in standby mode): 30 mA
  • Electricity (no load) for 12 V: 500 mA
  • Size (length x height): 50 x 32 x 40.5 mm
  • Weight: 60 g


  • XY Servo Smart Servo A1-16 servo
  • Fitting elements
  • 2 wires with a length of 12 cm