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WEP 952D + 2 in 1 soldering station + compressor

The WEP 952D+ soldering station is equipped with a 640 W hotair , 60 W tip, and a compressor. It combines simple operation and a very long life, it is perfectly suited to work in small services, homes, workshops.WEP 952D+

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Station type2w1 grotowa, hotair + kompresor
Tip soldering iron temperature100 - 500 °C
HotAir temperature100 - 500 °C

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The WEP 952D+ soldering station is a classic 2in1 soldering station with a hot air and tip. It is characterized by simple and intuitive operation and high durability of heating elements. It enables real temperature reading and its stabilization thanks to the use of a micro PID controller. The station fully supports ESD safe technology, thanks to which it is certain that no electric charges are accumulating on the tip of the grotto, which could damage the soldered elements.


  • Power supply: 230 V AC +/- 10%
  • Total peak power: 700 W
  • Length of power cable: 130 cm
  • Electronics power supply: transformer
  • Dimensions: 285 x 190 x 137 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Real temperature reading
  • Temperature stabilization: Digital PID
  • Display type: LED
  • Control: single-turn potentiometers
  • Hotair specification:
    • Peak power: 640 W
    • Heater supply voltage: 230 V AC
    • A spiral heater mounted on a ceramic core with an integrated thermocouple type K.
    • Mica insulation
    • Temperature adjustment range: 100-500°C
    • Temperature stability (static): 1°C
    • Stock tube length: 90 cm
    • Air supply: Compressor
    • Compressor power: 18 W
    • Generated pressure: 0.032 MPa
    • Capacity: 32 L/min
  • Tip stock specification:
    • 60W peak power
    • Heater supply voltage: 24 V AC
    • Temperature adjustment range: 100 - 500°C
    • Temperature stability (static): 1°C
    • Stock tube length: 80 cm
    • Heater: metal with an integrated type K thermocouple
    • Tip resistance to the ground: less than 2 Ohm


    • WEP 952D + station with integrated hotair and power cable
    • WEP 907A stock with tip T-I
    • A set of three round nozzles: 2.4 mm, 4.5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm
    • Metal stand for the hotair flask
    • Stand for the arrowhead
    • Tip cleaning sponge
    • Gripper for electronic components