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YIHUA 872D - 2in1 soldering station Hotair + soldering iron

2in1 soldering station with hot air soldering iron and soldering tip. 700 W power station. Equipped with an LCD display, controlled by potentiometers. YIHUA 872D

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Data sheet

Tip soldering iron temperature 200 - 480 °C
HotAir temperature100 - 480 °C
Station type2w1 (lutownica grotowa + hotair)
Power700 W

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Yihua 872D is a 2in1 soldering station connecting hot air soldering iron and soldering iron. The station is equipped with an advanced PID controller that allows to obtain a stable temperature even when soldering large components with a soldering iron. The station has a strong heating element that guarantees quick heating and durability of the heater. It has a clear LCD display showing the current temperature of soldering irons and blowing power. The temperature and blowing power can be set using potentiometers. The soldering iron is equipped with an automatic heater cooling function when the soldering iron is not used, in the case of a hot air soldering iron the switch is located in the holder, so after putting the soldering iron the automatic cooling takes place, in the case of a soldering iron you can set the time after which the soldering iron cools down to 200ºC, which significantly extends the life of the heater.

The wide range of available tips allows you to solder not only through-hole elements, but also SMD in housings such as QFP, SOIC or PLCC, while the hot air soldering iron compatible with many nozzles will be perfect for soldering elements in more demanding housings such as BGA.


  • Microprocessor control of parameters: temperature, blowing power, working time
  • Compact design with clear LCD display
  • Power supply 220 - 240 V AC 50 Hz
  • 700 W power
  • Working temperature: 0 - 40°C
  • Dimensions: 255 x 188 x 125 mm
  • Weight: 4.5 kg

Hot air

  • Temperature adjustment range: 100 - 480°C
  • Temperature stability: 15°C
  • Air flow: up to 120 l/min
  • Power: 650 W
  • PID temperature correcting controller with 200 ms cycle
  • A fan built into the flask
  • Cable length: 90 cm
  • Automatic stock cooling mode when stored in the holder

Tip soldering iron

  • Temperature range: 200 - 480°C
  • Temperature stability: 10°C
  • Heating power: 50 W
  • PID temperature correcting controller with 200 ms cycle
  • Earth resistance below 2 ohm
  • Potential to ground below 2 mV
  • System: ESD safe
  • Stock tube length: 100 cm

Kit contains

  • Yihua 872D soldering station
  • 907A soldering iron with tip
  • Stand for the tip with cleaning sponge
  • Hotair gun holder
  • A set of nozzles:
    • round with a diameter of 2 mm
    • round with a diameter of 4.4 mm
    • round with a diameter of 6 mm
    • round with a diameter of 9 mm
  • Gripper for lifting systems
  • Power cord
  • Instruction