Terasic DE10-Lite Board (P0466) - EDU
  • Terasic DE10-Lite Board (P0466) - EDU
  • Terasic DE10-Lite Board (P0466) - EDU
  • Terasic DE10-Lite Board (P0466) - EDU
  • Terasic DE10-Lite Board (P0466) - EDU
  • Terasic DE10-Lite Board (P0466) - EDU
  • Terasic DE10-Lite Board (P0466) - EDU
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Terasic DE10-Lite Board is a low-budget development board with the Altera MAX 10 FPGA chip. The board contains a number of components enabling learning and prototyping of projects based on FPGA chips

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Terasic DE10-Lite Board is a low-budget development board with Altera MAX 10 FPGA. Board thanks to many components such as multiple LEDs, monostable buttons, slide switches, USB-Blaster, SDRAM, accelerometer, VGA output, 6 7-segment displays and a strip Digital inputs and outputs are an ideal tool for learning FPGA programming. The tile is also ideally suited for prototyping projects related to this subject.

The kit in this version has a connector compatible with Arduino, which allows you to connect various shields and extend the position.

The DE10-Lite Board set contains many sample projects and work with it allows you to use many software tools for users. All this to easily develop your applications based on FPGAs.


  • Altera MAX 10 system
    • MAX 10 10M50DAF484C7G
    • 50,000 logic programmable elements
    • 1,638 Kbit M9K memory
    • 4 PLL
    • Integrated ADCs, each ADC supports one dedicated analog input
  • Programming and configuration
    • Built-in USB Blaster programmer (USB type B socket)
  • Memory
    • 64MB SDRAM - 16-bit data bus
  • sensors
    • accelerometer
  • I / O outputs
    • Connector 2x20 pins GPIO
    • Connectors compatible with Arduino UNO R3, including 6 ADC channels
    • 4-bit VGA output
  • User Interface
    • 10 LEDs
    • 10 slide switches
    • 2 monostable buttons
    • 6 7-segment displays
  • Power
    • 5 V DC

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